Investing in precious metals 101


  • Mon, Jan 05, 2015 - 06:51pm

    JR Wakefield

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Why isnt the concern of people like him about the risks of society living along active tectonic zones?  We know for a fact that those zone kill in the hundreds of thousands.  Yet we shrug off the suggestion that the next "big one" along the San Andreas Fault will kill hundreds of thousands more.  We all know it is not a matter of if, but a matter of time.

There is no discussion at all about moving settlements away from all active tectonic zones.  It seems we are quite comfortable allowing those thousands of people who will die in the future.

Yet, this guy is worried about a risk in the future for which there is no evidence at all will happen.  Nor has happened.  Not one person can be shown to have died because of human caused climate change.  Not one.

He also completely missed the risk of spending hundreds of billions on trying to stop AGW.  We could do far more damage economically, kill people because of economics, in an effort to try to mitigate climate change.  An unrealistic risk?  Tell that to the hundred of thousands of people driven into energy poverty because they cant afford to keep themselves warm in winter.

Risk is part of life.  There is no avoiding risk.