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[quote=Nacci] If I were so inclined, my target on the Eastern U.S. would be the Amish,  They have everything that you would need to prosper in a post collapse world in place including some of the finest, most remote farm land available and they are largely pacifists. You would have to subjugate, not kill these people because they possess the generational knowledge necessary to continue production.  [/quote]


Now we are discussing plans to plunder and enslave the Amish? I’ve got family that are Amish you chicken-s[ * * * ] mother f[ * * * ]. Nacci, if I were sitting across the “dinner table” from you and you said this, I would have choked you out and pissed on your unconscious body. 

I’m so proud to be a member of the “community of Bubba”. What a joke this site has become. 

Tod is right, today the “theoretical” target is the Amish, tomorrow the target is each one of us.

If I were so inclined, here is my plan:

First I would take Dr. M’s family hostage and then [Ed note: Redacted]

Bottomline: When the shit hits the fan, your going to be my b[ * * * ]s.

Gee, I hope nobody took offense to that! If so, “please notify Jason and let him decide if I crossed the line”.

Being a part of this community just makes you a target to a bunch of freaking whack-jobs. Who needs that [ * * * ]?


[Moderator’s note: I do not need to explain why this comment is inappropriate.  This violates our forum rules on many levels, and is not acceptable.]