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Move to Canada.  We have our problems,  but not on anywhere near the scale of America's.

My family resides in small town British Columbia.  The air is clean, lots of clean lakes and rivers,  but most important….it is SAFE.  Crime in Canada is different than crime in America.  Canada is kinder, gentler….kinda the way America was 50 years ago.  Our government and banking system is sound, as is our currency.  Granted when America goes down the effects on Canada will be catastrophic.  But our system of government is sound.  Most Canadians are content with governance.  We have very few guns.

Most guns are in the hands of the military (which is small), or the police.  We live within 200 kms of a major metropolitan center,  which of course has its drug problems.  But avoid drugs and ylu will avoid most of the crime.  Most crime in Canada is drug related.   Move North !!


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