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Re: ZeitGeist Moving Forward

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  • Sat, Jan 29, 2011 - 06:26pm

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    Re: ZeitGeist Moving Forward

It’s becoming clear from the amount of redundant, emotionally charged first-time posts that there’s an organized effort here to draw in TZM supporters.

I’m not going to waste any time addressing pedantic issues or debating political philosophy. The concept of Zeitgeist and Venus is collectivism as the only rational alternative to capitalism. Another core component of the arguments here is that capitalism destroys lives by unequal distributions of wealth.

There’s a newly established rule the anecdotal evidence is “OK” for supporters of TZM and not for anyone else.

The discussion is now avoiding logical fallacies of systems (of which Zeitgeist has scores) and we’ve moved on to debating opinions.

Opinions and beliefs are now being presented as fact.

This conversation has “jumped the shark”. While I have no love for our current system, and wouldn’t use my freedom to degrade another, I’ll be damned if some central authority is going to selflessly decide what liberty I need.

That said, while I will not fight to maintain the status quo, I would fight TZM putting me squarely in the “Hostile Outsider” camp I identified previously.

TZM had no moral or legal authority to enforce their views as laws, and God help them if they try.

Signing off this one.