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  • Thu, Mar 25, 2010 - 04:20pm

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    Re: ZEITGEIST and The Huffington Post

Money isn’t the root of evil. It is a tool used by those who wish to control others. If there was no money, they would find some other way to control people, like through the computers. After all, someone has to program the computers.

Most crimes are monetary based, not sure how to make that any more clear.  Just watch your tv/news, and aks yourself how that crime is attached to the byproducts of the monetary system.  Programing of computer will be enhanced according to the law of accelerating return, eventually no human oversight will be needed as much, but then again it will not be held in secrecy that we see today i.e. politicians hiding information.


I know nothing about computers and advanced technology so I feel disempowered by the approach, not empowered

You will become more empowered by technology when understood to facilitate your interest.  Just how you have become empowered to express your ideas on this computer.  

I don’t want everything provided for me, I want to spend time with the earth, nurture it and be nurtered with it whilst working together with nature to produce abundance. If technology includes a fork and a shovel, count me in, but I wouldn’t let my wheelbarrow decide what I should be planting.

Many things were provided for you when you were born, which you had no contribution, but it has enhanced your life.  Having no worries about money issues, can free you to spend more time with nature, and technology has increase your observations of the universe i.e. telescopes and so on. 

The notion that: you can’t argue with us because more intelligent computers have computed the best decision is not the future that i’d like to build.

It’s more about arriving at decision coupled with the scientific method that will lead to less debate and more progress.  We have humans designing a transportation road way system that allow crashes to happen i.e. intersections/ poor design.  A cybernated decision process using the scientific method would probably design that flaw out thus diminishing crashes.  

Hope this helps