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  • Wed, Mar 24, 2010 - 05:10pm

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    Re: ZEITGEIST and The Huffington Post

“When we consider the relevance of our social structures and ideologies in society, very often we view governments, politicians and corporations as the guiding organizational and catalystic institutions responsible for the quality of our lives. This is, of course, true… but only to a certain extent. As time has moved forward, human beings have become more and more aware of nature, its processes, and thus have been able to derive inference about how to imitate nature in all its creative glory”


I appreciate your passion and your vision however I beg to differ on human beings becoming more aware of nature. It is true that science has in many ways been able to do things like decode dna and splice genes etc., yet it has not had the wisdom to see the consequences of its actions.

Human activity is driven by many different forces most of which are not fully understood. Philosophers and psychologists have struggled for many years to understand human behavior and to this day there is no consensus. I do not believe technology is in any way going to change basic human nature.

As for humans understanding nature I would suggest you take off into the wilderness of your choice with the things you think you need to survive on your back and see how long nature will suffer you. Most people especially in industrialized societies have no clue as to what makes their bio region tick, what flora or fauna they share the space with. Humans have in reality become less aware of nature.

As Kurzweil said ” technology is a double edged sword” Ever shall it remain.