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Re: ZEITGEIST and The Huffington Post

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  • Wed, Mar 24, 2010 - 09:57am

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    Re: ZEITGEIST and The Huffington Post


I will heavily disagree with you.  technology is the only thing, when used correctly is the only thing that has solved human problems.  Human problems are technical.  Competition has been a part of mankind because mankind had nothing (scarcity) in the begining driving that behavior and perpetuating competition making it seem like it’s nature as opposed to behavior and that has always changed.  

I agree Technology is being misused RFID and so on, but again technology is solely responsible for the freeing of humanity from mundane jobs.  We can create abundance and sustainability, it’s monetary economics coupled with that behavior of wanting to rule over others that prevents us from changing our value system. 

Technology only goes so far from competition till collaboration takes over and puts in all the missing pieces.  The value system associated with competition has many by products “us vs them” mentality, which is childish.    

What good will unlimited energy long or immortal lifetimes and surplus food do us if we are still killing each other. “Hey Ray work on  bringing peace to Palestine.”

If the U.S. was really concerned with peace over in that armpit of the middle east, it would concentrate on bridging the gaps between both sides and make them understand the commonalities, not from a religious view, but from a view that they all need the same resources they are both destroying.  Also both sides have leaders with serious “old ways” of thinking. More proof that old methods cannot be applied to future problems. 

People are also forced into creating technologies that knowingly would not benefit humanity.  

It will take time but we either have sustainability for humanity or we destroy ourselves.  ZM has been the only movement i’ve seen that has any promises.