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  • Tue, Jun 30, 2009 - 05:12pm

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    Re: Your input requested – How should “Controversial …

[quote=Agitating Prop]The mainstream consensus supports this almost lewd perception of "conspiracy theorists" as sub-persons, half wits, suited for condescending remarks and arrogant treatment. Those looking over their shoulders, desparate to be seen as "credible" whatever the heck that actually is, just suck up this social, cultural dynamic. Pity. All form over substance.[/quote]

I think that what you’re referring to is the culture of fearing those who fear government on one hand, and Conspiracy Theorists who would like mainstream acceptance on the other. It’s an oxymoronic problem, those who fear those who fear the government (and I use that to describe any organized authority, regardless of the mechanism for receiving that authority) can never accept the "Conspiracy Theorists" theories without a shift in perspective that will need to come from those that the conspiracy theorist is theorizing about. It’s a circular problem.