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Re: Your input requested – How should “Controversial …

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  • Sun, Jun 28, 2009 - 09:23pm

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    Re: Your input requested – How should “Controversial …


I don’t think we accomplish anything by berating one another. You a free to bury your head in the sand but please don’t ridicule those of us who don’t enjoy that view. 



Larry / DrKrbyLuv:  I may or may not be burying my head in the sand, but I’m not ridiculing anybody.  I don’t see that I have the standing to do so and I don’t reckon it accomplishes anything.  If I have given offense, and I evidently have, I apologize.  ‘Twerent my intent to do so.

My salient point is that regardless of what this site decides to do with Controversial Topics/Conspiracy Theories, (a) it’s no skin off my nose if they are here on or not, and (b) if they’re not, there are an essentially endless number of places where CT is not only tolerated, but is the raison d’etre (Prison Planet, Alex Jones, Survival Acres’ blog [although he seems to have taken his blog off the air as of a few days ago]).  Believe you me, I keep my eye on what CT sites are saying — and keep a grain of salt handy — but as I said above I don’t see how CT is essential to the 3E’s.  One man’s opinion…

Viva — Sager