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Re: Yes, but . . .

  • Mon, Oct 19, 2009 - 02:31am

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    Re: Yes, but . . .


 I agree it’s not that simple… nothing is..

 Sometimes violence is necessary, appropriate… and constructive…  EVERYTHING is SITUATIONAL…

nontheless I also believe that in the long run… ideas, principles and ethics are FAR mightier than the sword..

  not INITIATING violence.. is certainly a good one. (negative version of golden rule)

 – a myriad of cultures and religions can agree on that one.

 Retaliation.. I’m ok with. Sometimes.. (situational).

 The positive version  “do unto others” , is even better though harder – one half of “J”‘s teaching in fact..  “love your neighbour as yourself”

 I’d also point out that both jesus and socrates were prepared to suffer communal (misguided) judgement rather than

defend their personal liberty with violence…  and that’s a hard, hard standard to meet..   MLK and Gandhi managed it….

for most of us it’s out of reach, too hard to bear.

 1) I’ll grant you that one.

 2) nope..

 I believe evil is self destructive.. if it wins.. it destroys itself…


 Can a parasite outlast it’s host ? Can bankers live in a world without farmers ??

 Not for long. the tinned caviar runs out eventually… the farmers WILL win if only because they can never lose.




“Time grows short before the world is plunged into darkness. Therefore, diligently seek Candles !! ”  -Plato1965



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