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Re: Wow! Max Kieser rips Goldman Sachs & the FED

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  • Fri, Jul 17, 2009 - 06:43pm

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    Re: Wow! Max Kieser rips Goldman Sachs & the FED


Watching this video really hammered home the fact for me that all is lost.

I know, I know, some people just can’t take that attitude, but it’s how I feel. Everyone is in bed with everyone else. There’s no such thing as an independent overseer. Anyone who could possibly expose the legendary swindling that’s been occurring most likely makes their living off the corruption machine status quo. There’s a revolving door between corporate America and the federal government — from the perspective of the corrupt it must seem like a dream synthesis, whereby there’s no practical distinction between the corporate and the government world, yet everyone believes down to the bottom of their little nationalistic (perhaps America’s greatest weakness) hearts that the exact opposite is true. How fluid and effortless propaganda is in the high-tech age! Another megalomaniacs dream come true.

Of course, these crooks — enabled by an apathetic and optimistically-oriented public — will just continue their present course until America is a place that only exists in memory. Their crimes will become only more brazen, more naked, almost to the point where their sheer obviousness will be the very reason that people present for them not having actually occurred. (There’s some psychology at work here. When I worked at a small retail store years ago the loss prevention presentation spoke of this phenomenon: If you see someone look around warily to the left and then to the right, duck below a fixture, and then scurry out of the store with a bulge under their coat, you’ll probably assume that they’re shoplifting. However, most successful shoplifters simply take something in broad daylight and walk out calmly as if their carrying something they’ve purchased. The reason is that the staff is more likely — because the person is acting normal — to believe that some other staffer rang the person up or that they were picking up an item being repaired or that it somehow makes sense beacause, well, the person is just acting so dang normal.)

This is where we are culturally. Scandal fatigue is so deeply entrenched that we care not a whiff about what’s happening. Now I know the people on this website do, but I’m talking about the 300 million Americans on balance.


Mainecooncat, I know what you mean. I know were suppossed to stick to the Main topic, the three E’s. But all this stuff merges together regardless. History, Politics, Finance. Some wonder why we talk of conspiracy in JFK or others. When you get right down to it, even thou no one can prove who or why JFK, or RFK, or martin King. I believe it’s because if they were a threat to the establishment. And to keep the status quo they will do three things. Pay you off, blackmail or Kill you.  Sometimes it reminds me of the way big business is run. Look at Microsoft. Three ways they will take out the competition. Buy you out, by buying your company or a majority of stock shares.- there by taking a majority control. Bring out a competing product or just the threat of one and your company folds. Getting a industry wide monopoly and shutting you out. Your product just can’t compete.

 I talk to so many people who just don’t wish to get involved. Hey it’s their life, their money, their future. You would think they might take a few moments away from playtime and look at what is happening with the rest of the world. But I guess it’s only when it’s at your front door are you willing to confront the truth.