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Re: Whiners taking over threads and making website worse.

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  • Tue, Aug 03, 2010 - 01:15pm

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    Re: Whiners taking over threads and making website worse.

Well it seems to me that if anyone would like to skip a new thread on a topic they think they have read up enough on they could easily ignore it?

Sort of like changing the channel on the television if you don’t like the show, some people like sports and can watch game after game, I personally fingd it BORING and they all seem very much the same. I don’t have the same opinion about topics I am interested in and I would rather not have to return to threads that have become long winded and perhaps evolved into 2 way conversations veering from the original topic or maybe a thread that is getting too technical with complicated formulas or whatever! Sometimes the graphs are very informative, likewise any clips or interviews I haven’t heard before, so I find new threads on the same old topics refreshing and enjoyable! What I don’t find enjoyable is having a thread be overun by a couple of whining crybabies that can’t manage their own curiosity and expect perfection and order as if this website is supposed to be organized like a encyclopedia.

Just face it that it’s not an encyclopedia and other posters such as I enjoy many of the posts by investorzzo and look forward to seeing new posts and discussions even if they are on older topics that have been discussed by others before. Did anyone who is complaining ever think that maybe there are other people out there who would like to begin or discuss the same old topics again especially if there is a new article, video or audio clip and that MAYBE every poster and visitor to the site does not have to partake in every discussion? Especially if they have already covered the same ground with other posters at an earlier date? Perhaps there is something else to do but whine and complain like checking your food stores or tilling your soil or building a wind powered washing machine. For heaven’s sake I don’t WANT every topic pigeon holed on the daily digest so would you all stop whining and complaining because now I have to complain about your complaining and it would be so much easier to just leave a post or thread of which topic you feel you have participated in already to others who haven’t but would like to discuss things anew. Stop trying to police peoples posts and maybe even consider that you don’t have to participate in every single thread that is posted.


Ron Meisels

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