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Re: When Central Banks Rule the World (Joan Veon)

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  • Fri, Oct 16, 2009 - 05:22pm

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    Re: When Central Banks Rule the World (Joan Veon)


Did you watch the videos before posting this?  Just wondering.  If so, I think Ms. Veon laid out an outstanding argument concerning this issue.  If you don’t think so then great!  I’m not trying to change anyones mind on this at all.  I’m trying to get as much information to the masses to make the decision on their own.  If you don’t agree, great!  But for other posters to be “flippant” concerning this info is IMO worse than me trying to get the info out.


It was not my intent to come across as flippant if you are refferring to me. I respect your posts and your resolve. Unlike some posters on this subject matter, I do not believe you are attempting to pick a fight or play some kind of drama game. I think you are honestly doing your best to react to what you have read and learned. Me too.

I did begin to watch the movies, although I must admit I did not finish the series. Let me see if I can explain why, and it might help to understand why we are at a stalemate here.

I am reminded of the movie Contact where the lead character (a scientist) was disputing faith with a theologian for which she had a high reguard. She asked for proof that god exists. He responded with “Do you love your Father”, and of course she affirmed she did, to which the reverend replied “prove it.”

I think this is exactly where we are in this debate. You watch this information and are convinced of it’s ligitimacy before you watch. I, on the other hand, have concerns about the mental leaps that take place in terms of action A by body B clearly shows intent C. If you REALLY want an example, I’ll go back and pull one from the video, but I don’t think that excercise is necessary because I freely admit that Peak Oil is a belief that I do hold as true with virtually the same mental leaps.

As much as it is distateful for some, I think we need to agree to disagree.

What I would ask you once again is, If I were to suddenly be converted to your side of the fence, what would I be doing differently. If you can tell me 1 concrete, logical thing that I can be doing (other than getting the word out, you see how well that is received) that I am not already doing, I will watch all the videos and promise to enter in with an open mind. If you cannot, what would you suggest is the purpose of this thread? When challenged with the same with regards to Peak Oil, I can list 50 or more things that need to be done by everyone who believes. To me, this is a significant difference.

Please understand this is not a challenge of your beliefs. You have every right to have them, as do the people you clearly get frustrated at for not sharing yours.