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Re: When Central Banks Rule the World (Joan Veon)

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  • Fri, Oct 16, 2009 - 02:45pm

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    Re: When Central Banks Rule the World (Joan Veon)

Hello All,

The thing I find most troubling through the videos is the manner in which the U.S. makes financial decisions.  We the people, and our congress, have had little to no say about our finances.  And more alarming, no one seems to notice or care – especially congress.

For example look at Nixon and Kissinger.  They unilaterally took us off the dollar peg without any input from congress.  I think the constitution is very clear on this as it says that only congress can issue and control our money.  The dollar peg could have safely been removed by protecting our currency and avoiding deficit spending – but the Vietnam war was driving us in debt. 

Going back to that time period, in a true republic, there should have been a national debate and a recognition that war spending damages the dollar.  That’s the discussion they wanted to avoid.  We are led to believe that war is free or that the costs must be incurred.  What do you think the odds would have been of us invading Iraq if the congress would have honestly told the people that the costs might mean that we would lose our social security?  How long would we have stayed in Vietnam if Americans knew it was killing the dollar?

Kissinger; supposedly under Nixon, went on to set up the petrodollar with Saudi Arabia / OPEC.  The move was exploitative to the rest of the world and to the American people as”dollar recycling” began.  Under the plan, the U.S. gained the ability, and the need to run trade and budget deficits virtually forever – or at least as long as the petrodollar holds up.  The rest of the world needed dollars to buy oil creating a huge demand.  Congress did not find out about the petrodollar deal until after it was done.

The only entity that benefited by this distortion of fundamental economics were the international bankers who used recycled dollars to get wealthy and to conduct future wars regardless of cost.  In the real world, no nation can long survive perpetual deficits without going broke.  And petrodollar recycling helped build a huge and profitable money laundering industry for drugs, weapons and clandestine operations.

History has shown that both of these moves have greatly damaged our economy and as a result we have accrued debt that is measured in generations.  Maybe more importantly, the banking cartel set it’s parasitic bite on our nation, virtually killing the republic.  I’ve said before that no nation can maintain it’s sovereignty when it gives up the greatest power…the power to issue and control it’s own money.

We have become a financial client state to the international banking cartel.  They are obviously working towards their own best interests which sets up a huge conflict.  They are consolidating an international system under the IMF, WTO and the insidious BIS.  Some years back, our financial planning and strategy was removed from congress by imperial presidents.  In this next move, our financial planning and strategy will be removed from the president by the banking cartel.  All of this is unconstitutional and I don’t think it’s a stretch to call it treasonous.