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Re: We are all conspiracy theorists now

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  • Sat, Feb 28, 2009 - 06:10pm

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    Re: We are all conspiracy theorists now


Re your post #40, I respectfully disagree with your terminology in your first sentence …

If you accept the Crash Course #8 (The Fed – Money Creation) you are already conspiracy theorists.


… because I absolutely agree with this sentence:

I am proud that so many people here are critical thinkers – this is
direly needed if we are ever to have any hope of changing things for
the better in building sustainable society.


As you state, we are "critical thinkers" which means we are not "conspiracy theorists". A critical thinker works with facts as did Dr. Martenson in the CC. He presented the material in a factual way and proved his point through pure logic. That’s a big difference from someone who picks an end point (the gummint done this to us!) then adjusts the facts backwards to make sure they fit what they are convinced must have happened.

The above discussion re 9/11 is proof of that.