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  • Mon, Aug 09, 2010 - 06:07am

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    Re: Voice Calls: Geezer Tech

[quote=ao]It’ll be easy to transmit entirely by feel using only a single key and reception could be achieved without even looking at a screen via a vibrator that imparts the feel of the dots and dashes with a repeat feature built in so you could replay the message if you miss a part.[/quote]

Funny, but the scary part is I suspect this is already done – skipping the morse code of course. Have you watched a teenager text lately?  I’ve seen many that can text without ever looking at the phone and I suspect there are already applications on smartphones to read your texts to you through your bluetooth headset as they arrive without any interaction from the user….. Laughing 

[quote=SteveW]I must say our daughter-in-law annoys us when she comes over and spends most of her time visiting on her iPhone rather than with us.[/quote]

Sounds like you need one of these.