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Re: Too late to buy PM?

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  • Thu, Dec 03, 2009 - 01:21am

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    Re: Too late to buy PM?

Gold is not a deflation hedge per se. Perhaps a did not choose my words carefully enough. But it can outperform most assets in deflation, save the dollar itself by definition. It can represent stability when bubbles collapse, so in that sense it hedges against other risks.

PoisonIvy: I certainly don’t know your situation and don’t mean to intrude, but I would consider a second part time job if that is at all feasible. It’s a scary environment out there economically and I would not want any debt hanging over my head. I live near Washington D.C. and I know many recent grads that I would think are the high caliber sort who are in despair and unable to find jobs even here. I know one with a 4.0, a biology degree, and work experience that is now basically working as a nanny.