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  • Wed, Dec 02, 2009 - 03:09am

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    Re: Too late to buy PM?

Well… I feel qualified to comment here, because I bought a 10 oz roll of 1/4 eagles TODAY from one of the brokers listed elsewhere on Chris’ site.  

Why did I do this? 

A.  As insurance against a looming financial catastrophe.  I have lots of 401K savings that I cannot get at… and honestly, I would be very happy if my now 30 oz turns out to be the worst investment ever, since that will mean all has turned out OK with the dollar.  Not likely though.

B.  I bought again today because, much like the way Chris is an avid watcher of the equity and T-bill markets (and who knows what else)… I have been watching the websites for Tulving and other gold dealers for quite some time now… and they are all RUNNING OUT OF PRODUCT all of the sudden.  As you know, the US stopped making gold Eagles again.  Over the last two weeks, Tulving and others have raised their premiums, then started running out.  Good luck finding 1 oz eagles anywhere right now.  To me, this is a leading edge event that potentially signals a parabolic phase for gold and silver. 

If you want more gold or silver, and understand and accept the possibility that it could go down in value before going up more (in the event of the dollar strengthening and stock market dumping for instance) you should buy more now.  If it does go parabolic, I can guarantee that you (or I) won’t have the you-know-whats to buy in at that point.  That will be the point when the truly wealthy are piling in…….. an event Chris has already talked about.