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Re: Tommy Emmanuel – ‘Angelina’ (tune written for his …

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  • Wed, Apr 22, 2009 - 07:59pm

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    Re: Tommy Emmanuel – ‘Angelina’ (tune written for his …


Tommy Emmanuel playing ‘Angelina’ on KBS1 (TV Channel in Korea) before his concert in Korea.


Hey rowmat, having seen Monte perform enough times, I know he would be the last person to mention his awards.  Given that his awards have for the most part been from his peers, I think it says something.  He can’t be that bad if Tommy has great respect for him?  

I think one of the commenters on YouTube put it well: "In my opinion these are the 2 best acoustic players out there each has a very distinct style Monte uses absolutly every inch of his whole hand to mute/squeal/and wiggle, and Tommy uses his whole body to keep the rhythm…sometimes he uses the whole body of the guitar to beat out a rhythm both are extreamly uniqe players and if you havent heard them before I highly recomend it."