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  • Fri, Jul 03, 2009 - 12:02am

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    Re: This is How We Take Action

[quote=Aaron Moyer]

I spend a bit of  time here, mainly while I’m at work, but I’m starting to fear that the "easy" questions have been answered, and people would rather argue than start diving into the real difficult text.

Snap out of it!


I don’t know that any of these questions are "easy" but I suppose in relation to what I have left to do to prepare, what I’ve already done is easy by comparison — since what remains is Create Community (which in my prepbook contains the Food Self-Sufficiency, Energy Self-Sufficiency, and Healthcare portions of Prepping for the Next World [not to mention finding dependable/likeable/hardworking/likeminded individuals to share the work and play of Community Creation with]).  That’s probably only 10,000 hours of hard work.  

Case in point:  last weekend my wife & I spent time w/some folks nearby that are about 5% into the creation of a viable homestead (see my most recent post in the "Community Building" thread for detail).  They seem simpatico, knowledgeable and dedicated enough that I’m spending all day tomorrow w/the husband (of the hubby/wife team) working on the homestead doing whatever he’s doing — partly to get to know him, and possibly as a sweat equity thang.  

All week I’ve been excited to get up there and do it.  All week I’ve also been nutty with nervous energy because going up there tomorrow to lay hands on tools and do something concrete will make very very real the idea that life as I know it is going away — the proof is in the fact that I’m hanging out w/a relative stranger putting up a barn on wilderness land because that’s the way forward.  

And making it real like that is scary.  Big difference between reading about it on this screen and getting my neophyte’s tushie out in the sticks hammering in nails… 

I tell this story in relation to Aaron’s post because maybe things have seemed stagnant here because the low-hanging fruit have been picked?  It’s rubber-meets-the-road time and getting out of our chairs and Getting About It is a big fat hairy deal.  

One man’s experience…(and I hope like heck JAG’s not gone away…)

Viva — Sager