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Re: This is How We Take Action

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  • Thu, Jul 02, 2009 - 11:27pm

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    Re: This is How We Take Action


[quote]I laughed too, then thought "How many Americans would think this was a serious comparison" and stopped.[/quote]

I laughed at that!

Edited to say:
[quote]it was because Dr. M went on vacation or what, but the usefulness of the conversation on these forums in the past month has seriously degraded. This thread, and many others, have become the anti-thesis of taking action.[/quote]


I totally agree with you my friend.
What’s more, is it’s confused the hell out of me. With such a dream team of great minds, intrepid spirits and rich personalities, I was hoping to be looking at "Community Garden", "Here’s our Progress" and threads like that. Not wasteful bickering.

I spend a bit of  time here, mainly while I’m at work, but I’m starting to fear that the "easy" questions have been answered, and people would rather argue than start diving into the real difficult text.

Snap out of it!