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  • Thu, Jul 02, 2009 - 05:41am

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    Re: This is How We Take Action

thatchmo wrote:   "Who is the new Gandhi for the U.S.?  Obama of course! "     

Well, thatch…….

I’m thinking about the last  guy, in Europe, who was a great orator, smart, smooth, charismatic and swept people off their feet. The same guy went on to enjoy his power more and more and we know what happened after that.  HIs ego got too big.

A hint:  HIS first name was Adolph.  And he was wildly popular, at first, remember?  The savior!

And where did that lead?

We simply MUST learn to be aware of ALL politicians.   The way this country is set up today, no person can get to the top without enormous help from the monied/elite….and they expect to have control over whatever puppet they put in office. 

This country is not about electing the best person for the country.  It is about being deluded into electing the person who will do the most for the wealthy elite, who will do exactly what the banking cabal wants them to do, even if it means starting a war, and using the sons and daughters of the working class, plus spending the tax dollars of the working class, plus loaning us even more money to us, to be paid back with interest.  When you think about it, how stupid must we be?

But I would never recommend revolution, or anything like that……primarily because we’d all be slaughtered if we did it.

They’ve got all the money, all the power, the finest military in the world….and they own most of us, house, car & barrel.

So, my conclusion is that we just keep talking about it, and talking about it, and talking about it, until we die, one way or another.  (Does anybody really doubt that this is what will eventually happen?  Death by old age?  Death by starvation?Death by the sword of our own countrymen?)

I think I’m gonna stop talking about it, and just retreat to my recliner, with an n/a beer and a good book, and just wait. Who knows, I may even make it to 74.

And when they have gambled away some of their funds, with dishonest financial instruments, guess who digs into pockets and pays they back?    

Is this a ridiculous system, or what?