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  • Wed, Jul 01, 2009 - 03:47am

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    Re: This is How We Take Action

[quote=Ben A]

 WOW !  This thread is a perfect microcosm of why nothing positive is happening in our country today – nobody can agree on anything.  So, instead of real change for the better, we all get our kicks by sharing our ideas (as eloquently as we can BTW) and then waiting to see if others are impressed.  (See, I’m doing it too.)  

No, seriously, all the honest sharing of ideas is interesting.  It just doesn’t seem to move us to actually do anything worthwhile to fix the situation.

Maybe we’re just waiting for exactly the right idea, that we can all agree on…..or somebody to begin acting on an idea that will truly make a difference, and then we can all  join in.  ? ? ? ? ?[/quote]



I don’t necessarily agree with your first sentence because only by sharing thoughts and ideas can we eventually develop "the right idea".

Which brings us to your last sentence – which is exactly where we’re trying to get to. Remember that old saying, "Rome wasn’t built in a day".

If you study US history, you will discover that the first American Revolution didn’t come together so easily either.