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  • Mon, Mar 09, 2009 - 08:27pm

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    Re: This Brave New World…

I’ve been trying to keep myself positive with everything going on… stumbled across this and thought you’d all appreciate the inspiration:

 None can describe the sweets of country life,
  But those blest men that do enjoy and taste them
    Plain husbandmen, tho’ far below our pitch,
      Of fortune plac’d, enjoy a wealth above us;
        To whom the earth with true and bounteous justice,
          Free from war’s cares, returns an easy food,
            They breathe the fresh and uncorrupted air,
              And by clear brooks enjoy untroubled sleeps.
                Their state is fearless and secure, enrich’d
                  With several blessings, such as greatest kings
                    Might in true justice envy, and themselves
                      Would count too happy, if they truly knew them.
(Thomas May)