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Re: The Wealth Gap and the Collapse of the U.S.

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  • Sun, Aug 16, 2009 - 02:40pm

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    Re: The Wealth Gap and the Collapse of the U.S.



Hi Lakhota!  Welcome back.  I wish I could’ve joined you in your culture because I crave holistic life, sabbath life (not a particular religion–just a sense of delight, rest, peace, beauty), life in tune with nature and others, but as an ex-utilitarian playing the anglo game I’m just a baby with a lot to learn about that type of life.  If only a tribal elder was around to set the example for me. If only this culture valued elders.  I become more and more convinced everyday that the anglo genocide of your people was the biggest evil act in history and we’re all at a MASSIVE loss because of it.  And I’m becoming more and more convinced that I want no part of this culture that has replaced it…a culture that I played a small part in promoting.  I hope to play some role in redeeming it, otherwise I’m going to leave.  I’m afraid it’s on the verge of becoming a hell on earth…though many foreigners, and perhaps natives, would say it already is.  

Best wishes on your journey back.  I’d be honored to be a sojourner in spirit with you.    


Hello Mr. strabes, hau kola, hello friend,

Thank you for your kind words. 

What happened to the Native Americans was indeed horrific, but do not forget that several Native American tribes also sought to completely eliminate other tribes.  The Iroquois were notorious for fighting and all but wiped out the Huron nation in the mid 1600s.  They also forced the Mannahoac from their home lands.  The Cherokee nation and Tuscarora saw war as a pastime or a game.  The Apache, Commanche and Navajo continuously fought the Pueblo over land and resources.  So you see, such evil was not confined to wasicu, it also ran among Native Americans.

It sounds as if you have already started your journey.  A journey shared is that much easier. 

I offer this to you, Wakan tanan kici un, May the Great Spirit bless you.


Welcome back, Lakhota. I missed your posts on this site—I hope the despair among your people was not the only part of your journey that remains with you—I hope that some deep part was nourished and strengthened as well.


I would listen to your comments about an aspect of this thread I find curious…and I am grateful for all other comments from everyone else. I have found this thread to be particularly interesting for the insight and connectivity posters have shown regarding the bigger picture, humans, and our proclivity for behaviors often not in our best interests as a whole (certainly not the bigger whole!)


For context, my own Native American blood is Cherokee/poss. some Choctaw…but my education has mostly been from the Anishanabeg in WI and the Great Lakes. And yes, this colours my perspective greatly I believe?


I ask if we are missing some big part of this picture by seeming to define “wealth” only as money or financial capital? Where is the part of wealth that is clean water and clean sky? Healthy children? Biodiversity (all the living of which we are only a tiny, but highly destructive part?), the connection between family and community and community and the individual? And all of this and spirit?


In this country (and many others) those who appear the wealthiest and most powerful seem to be the most impoverished of spirit, yet they hold almost all of the decision-making power. Worse yet, if we look to them as the epitome of wealth and do not look beyond that definition, we miss what is true wealth and will not make our decisions about what we do to move us in another direction. Is there room in this discussion for wealth that is a measure of value and relationship, not just frogskins??


This particularly concerns me as Nature truly does bat last and there will be balance, whether we wish or no. We have greatly disturbed that balance.