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Re: The Wealth Gap and the Collapse of the U.S.

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  • Fri, Aug 14, 2009 - 07:20am

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    Re: The Wealth Gap and the Collapse of the U.S.

The wealth gap all comes down to what has been called the corporatization of our government. We no longer have good government which would actually work in the best interest of its citizens. We now have a government which exists at the behest of American multinational corporations. There exists a revolving door between the elite who sit on big corporate boards and positions in our government. MNC’s have no allegiance to any country or people.

Let me leave you with these wise words:

Manipulated Market & the Middle Class


"Many writers on SA have suggested that the stock markets in the US have been and are being manipulated to serve the interests of the Government( our policies are working), Media(the elites know best) and Wall St( recapitalization of Big Money and escape from TARP and hence bonus limits or anty other limits on behavior).

If one accepts this explanation, then an even more insidious notion has to be entertained. This is the thought that the Inside Money(ie Wall St and cronies in politics and media) is using the Outside or Dumb Money(ie  Middle class or small investor money, directly or through intermediaries) to create a financial  exit for itself  by encouraging the dumb money to buy financial, service and media stocks. Thus, the Middle class becomes the duped exit for the Upper class.

But why exit finance, service, media stocks? 

The upper class is also the fiat money class. It understands vastly better than the Middle class that fiat money means a  rapidly  eroding exchange rate beween the dollar and real assets. Therefore, a year or two before this erosion is painfully manifest in high and sustained inflation( ie escalating dollar price of real assets but not an escalation of real asset prices versus other real assets such as precious metals versus oil or industrial metals versus  agricultural land  or rare earths versus natural gas) the upper class quietly  redeploys the money from  its smoothly engineered stock market exit into real assets. It callously leaves  the middle class stuck with vapor assets in the form of finance, service and media stocks which, of course , lose value once the exit is completed and the productive economy continues, at best, to languish. 

Then, when inflation arrives and real assets soar in dollar terms, the real wealth of the upper class is not only preserved but  tangibly  increased. The middle class is further impoverished , the lower class is given more  fantasy money bribes to keep it pacified even though more dollars buy fewer means of living(a fact the lower class in its ignorance , muttering resentments and digital  media addictions is unable to grasp)and the upper class garners an even more  unearned and underserved share of real income and real wealth. Gloating and self congratulation for the upper class, economic and social  misery for the middle class and  financial  fumes for the lower class.

The manipulated stock market is working very well indeed: for its few masters."