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Re: The Wealth Gap and the Collapse of the U.S.

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  • Fri, Oct 09, 2009 - 08:51pm

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    Re: The Wealth Gap and the Collapse of the U.S.

Obama wins Orwell “Peace” prize while expanding war, defending torture

Auferre, trucidare, rapere, falsis nominibus imperium; atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.– Tacitus, Agricola, (98), end of ch. 30.
Translation: To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace. Oxford Revised Translation (at Project Gutenberg)
Tacitus is quoting the British chief, Calgacus, in his speech to British soldiers, stating the irony between Rome’s acts of empire and the inscription upon Roman medals of “peace given to the world.” Solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant (they make a desert, and call it peace) is often quoted alone….

While continuing the 9th year of war in Afghanistan with all objective evidence demonstrating the US invasion is an illegal War of Aggression, refusing criminal investigation for torture despite all case law declaring waterboarding definitively as torture, despite over a year’s history of lying about Iran threatening to “wipe Israel off the map” and collaborating in the same lying war rhetoric against Iran that began his predecessor’s wars, and his defense of Israel in their enslavement of Gaza in the world’s largest concentration camp, Barack Obama and the Nobel Committee challenged the world’s peace advocates and sane citizens with an act George Orwell would sadly nod to in recognition: calling the criminal gang-leader of empire, war, and death as a leader for “peace.”
This, on top of Obama’s silence and inaction with a million children dying monthly from preventable poverty while the US refuses to fund the 0.7% of gross national income we’ve promised. Ending poverty has a historically perfect record of reducing population growth and easing environmental stress from desperate people. Given a million children’s deaths every month, we can conservatively assume ten times that number suffer so horrendously from the effects of poverty that they wish for death to obtain peace. This is the only type of “peace” award Obama qualifies for; or perhaps an award for acting as a peacemaker….

We must laugh at, ridicule, and contrast the actions of Mr. Obama and the leadership of both political parties with real peace. Real peace would establish a Cabinet position in a Department of Peace for their contribution rather than merely consulting with the Department of War Defense. Real peace would give the less than one percent of our income to help suffering children rather than watching them die and calling it “peace.” Real peace would acknowledge the truth of our illegal Wars of Aggression, prosecute torture, stop threatening more war in Iran, and open Truth and Reconciliation process to find out all of the truth….