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  • Sat, Mar 28, 2009 - 05:21am

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    Re: The Spy Factory


mpel –

Aware of yes, fixated on – not a chance.  This is my way of tilting at the windmill and trying to help take the site back so Chris can get his message out to the new folks who drop in – rather than have them scared away by this kind of unsubstantiated nonsense.

Have you tried out the hanging tomato planters?  We are going to try our hand at South African pumpkins this year.


Dogs. Perhaps the topic subject could be debated as to the relevance of Chris’s message (and I could see pro and con arguments) but "unsubstantiated nonsense"????

I am a former contributor to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the digital rights group that brought suit against Bush, the NSA, and the service providers for gross 4th amendment violations. The government DOES NOT deny that this happened. Why? Ohh, photographs, blueprints, exposed classified documents, whistleblower testimony, Bush finally admitting it’s true. 

It did happen. It’s probably still happening (remember, the gov’t DENIED this at first until the press hammered them with numerous smoking guns).

I like your posts a lot bro. But one like this does a grave disservice to those of us that do our best to be vanguards for defense of our liberties.

Sorry. Had to speak up. It’s frustrating to work to stop this unconstitutional nonsense only to have people deny, in spite of overwhelming evidence that it happened.

BTW. In an economic crash, normal institutions will cease to exist. It’s stuff like the NSA capabilities that people will need to be aware of. Therefore I think it IS relevant. I don’t trust agencies like these. Why? Track record. Who cares what the motive is. It’s still run by people and if they’re doing this now, then imagine what they’ll be up to post-crash. 

One more thing. I have had some "shootdowns" (unconvinced folks) after they started watching the Crash Course. To them it was utter nonsense and they wouldn’t even finish it. Usually along the lines that the leaders didn’t tell them, the media isn’t talking about it so it must be nonsense.  I don’t agree with all the opinions here, but I can understand the frustration with dogmatic opposition to their views. I get it time to time presenting Chris’ material. And these people have never stepped into the forum. Like I  said. I don’t agree with all of the opinions. But that doesn’t mean I won’t at least entertain them. There’s no harm in that and God help us if they turn out to be right.