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  • Fri, Mar 27, 2009 - 11:50pm

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    Re: The Spy Factory

Chris, do you want topics like this avoided?  My impression was that it was an open site.  If not, you should say so and adjust the site accordingly.  

DOGS, you’re like so many awesome ex-military officers that I love who assume things are as they generally appear on the surface.  There’s so much potential for good and benevolence in you guys and gals…the spirit of 1776…I wish you would take a deeper look and learn about the "enemies foreign AND domestic."  What precisely are you claiming is unsubstantiated nonsense? The facts were coming out about this operation until the feds passed an update to the patriot act in 08 which made the NSA’s wiretapping operation legal and remanded the 2-year long case back to the district level. We have yet to see if the district court lets it move forward or even if it will allow any of the data to be public.

And we know that intelligence organizations develop the data that drives the activities of enforcement organizations…agents knock on doors as a result of NSA activity.  That’s SOP, not "unsubstantiated nonsense."  The only part of my post that hasn’t happened is the part where I prefaced it with "imagine if you will" making it clear that it was hypothetical.  All it takes is a policy change from the political leaders…the policy that determines what the NSA looks for as they mine data and search for targets.  Our society is living in soft paranoia created by the feds and the media scared of "those muslim terrorists", so I was trying to use a hypothetical case to show that our paranoia should be directed in the opposite direction…those who claim the power to make us safe from the ever-present ever-mysterious threat of "terrorists."  The hypothetical I presented would now be legal.  That should concern any ex-military officer who was sworn to defend the Constitution.  But again I digress from tomatoes.

How about substantiating your claim that the Wall St apparatus is a fraud designed to suck value from participants? You’ve made that claim on this website (distracting from tomato growing) describing your view of trading, but I never saw your spreadsheet or powerpoint substantiating it.  I don’t need to see the data; I know you’re right; it’s obvious to anybody who cares to look. Same with national security issues…it’s just harder to look…there’s such strong resistance to looking…remember the stages of awareness from the CC?  


AARON, cute pic.  You misunderstand the point.  Clearly most of the people in ATF, FBI, NSA, Army, Navy, AF, Marines, Homeland are great people trying to do a good job.  I know a lot of them very well.  FBI especially is very professional as you say…lots of excellent ex-Army guys.  But this professionalism is precisely how they get manipulated. Certain government types view these organizations as pawns to be played in their strategic games and they study how to manipulate them to serve their interests…that’s how the CIA has engaged in nation-building/destroying throughout its history.  Create/orchestrate a situation, get a response from the professionals.  Do you recall something called the Iraq War and how the justification provided by the CIA was a ruse? All the great professionals went and did their best to kill people as a result…and now we have established the largest foreign base of operations for the projection of US military and private mercenary killing power.  Do you recall a hurricane named Katrina? Police, ATF, Delta, National Guard assaulted citizens and seized their guns as a result of the policy makers.  Didn’t happen because they’re bad.  It’s because they’re good…they’re too professional to do anything except salute and kickass rather than step back and tell their superiors no.  They just go into execute mode as the fear/paranoia/anxiety fanned by federal level civilian agencies and the media takes over their mindsets and they come in to save the day.  That used to be me.  I know that personality well. It’s scary.  Now I’m fighting it.

Also you imply in your post that the German people and organizations were bad, as a comparison the US organizations. Not at all…hindsight is blurring your vision.  The Stasi and the SS were well-respected jobs to have in the early days.  These were people supposedly saving their country, serving the national interest, protecting the homeland.  They were wiretapping supposed "enemies of the state."  Only later, once the political leader changed the policies to define enemy of the state as anyone he so named or anyone who opposed him, did they get used for evil motives.  Many of the lower level types were still good people, but brainwashed and manipulated by the system they lived in.