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Re: The psychology of climate change

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  • Thu, Nov 19, 2009 - 04:07pm

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    Re: The psychology of climate change

generally, no.  but sadly, from a certain perspective, i can understand how they could think that way, if they truly believed in the impending collision of resources and limits, as per what we find in the crash course (that, of course, and the idea that they need to retain their status as the alpha dogs – which is where i would diverge).


whether climate change be real or unreal, natural or man made, there are those who sit at the round tables, planning to take advantage of it, one way or the other.  and yes, it is a fact, that criminals have set up the proposed cap and trade market – flat out crooks.  even if the concept were brilliant, it needs to be slowed down and much more heavily scrutinized before being implemented.


of course, an SEC and JD with teeth and a conscience would be a prerequisite for anything like honesty or integrity forming the foundations of any new structures aimed at managing the coming ‘crash’.  and right now, that is no where in sight.

so i fear for the worst.