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  • Fri, Dec 04, 2009 - 01:22am

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    Re: The psychology of climate change

goes211 wrote:

Doug wrote:

Will Lord Monckton never go away?  He’s a gadfly who has made a name for himself denying climate change.  He has no science background and a quick scan of the article found no reference to peer reviewed science that supports his pov.  That is the hallmark of the denial class, no science, just bluster and BS.

I don’t know who Lord Monckton is but I believe your response is what is called attacking the messenger.


And when the messenger has been repeatedly found out to not know what he is talking about…….  exactly what else do you expect?


And what should the rest of us think when many of the AGW climate scientists are shown to be willing to lie or cheat to reach their desired results?