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Re: The psychology of climate change

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  • Wed, Nov 25, 2009 - 06:04pm

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    Re: The psychology of climate change

xraymike79 wrote:

I think the global economic/political system has become too large and entrenched to agree on and execute the kind of radical changes required to avert collapse. Getting off fossil fuels and going to a steady state economy is what I’m talking about. It would require those truly in power, the MNC’s, to give up their control. Not gonna happen. This situation is terminal….nothing to do but keep the patient comfortable.

Hi Mike,

I agree with what you said, especially “the global economic/political system has become too large and entrenched to agree on and execute the kind of radical changes required to avert collapse.”

That’s why I suggest more local planning – sovereign nations should take their own actions ASAP.  Forget the global cap’n trade crap scam and international bureaucracy.  We need to take concrete steps on our own.  First an informed consensus must be built, instead of pushing propaganda.  Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Fossil fuel energy usage must be reduced as much as possible and sustainable alternatives need developed and implemented.  The global warming move is a poor foundation to build a consensus on as the debate continues and the motives are suspiscious.
  2. The key is in funding the dramatic changes that are needed.  Punishment through cap’n trade just enriches the traders of the credits.  I suggest we implement programs like providing 0% loans to decrease the energy usage in buildings and homes by 50%.  This would also reduce the carbon footprint by 75%.  My idea can be found at ZIRP for the People and by the People to help solve our energy & environmental dilemma
  3. The money would be created by the U.S. Treasury (debt free) and loaned through participating banks that collect their profit in the form of transaction fees and services.
  4. Other programs may be created with the same financing model.  For example, most of the U.S. electrical grid system is woefully inadequate for today’s carrying requirements.  It is an engineering marvel but was never intended to handle the imposed loads, especially in the summer.  The cost to upgrade the grid system will be astronomical.  And,  6-8% transmission and distribution losses could be saved by on site and local electrical power generation.  So, why not consider offering 0% loans for buildings to get off the grid and require that only half the debt be repaid in a co-operative effort between the people and the government.  It is far cheaper than upgrading the grid.

Anyways, my point is that we can be more effective and faster by taking the battle on as a nation.