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Re: The Monetary Missing Puzzle Peice.

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  • Mon, Feb 15, 2010 - 05:52pm

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    Re: The Monetary Missing Puzzle Peice.

The entire financial industry and the “science” of economics hide the issue and make it look complex.  Otherwise “experts” couldn’t make so much money.

But it really is simple.  1) Our money is debt, which means we’re not free (the issue of politics/philosophy that the Declaration/Constitution was supposed to solve), and 2) when we pay it off, we decrease our money supply (the issue of math and economics that the “experts” don’t understand, or those that do are apologists for the creditors because that’s who pays them).

 Simple problems have simple solutions in my view–we need money that isn’t debt.  So many great men throughout history understood this.  Unfortunately today’s would-be great men have been co-opted into unwittingly serving the creditors.  And everyone else is trained to listen to them because they wear power suits and nice watches, have ivy league tongues, and work for institutions that make people feel so small because they sound so powerful like JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Federal Reserve, Treasury……