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Re: The Hubris Of Empire

  • Sun, Oct 31, 2010 - 04:19am

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    Re: The Hubris Of Empire


[quote=agitating prop]

[quote=Johnny Oxygen]

Iran Says It Has Begun Loading Fuel at Nuclear Reactor



TEHRAN — Iran said on Tuesday that it had begun loading the first of 163 fuel rods into the core of its first nuclear reactor, set to go into operation early next year, and vowed to pursue nuclear activities “in other areas.”

Iran’s nuclear program has spread deep concerns in the West because governments, including the United States, believe Tehran has ambitions to build a nuclear weapon and do not accept its denials.



God help the U.S. and other Nato countries, and Israel if a large country in the Middle East is able to defend itself against wars of aggression. If we can’t pound them back to the stone age, what bargaining chips do we have left at our disposal?


AP could not have said it better myself. I would add fOr the benefit of   warmongering right wing republicans, Iran is one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. They have as much right as anyone, including the only country on the planet to have used nuclear weapons on a civilian population, and has threatened other countries as recently as the last administration (which happened to be republican) to have a nuclear weapons program. This is a red herring which less enlightened MSM hypnotized automatons nit only believe but propagate.

I guess some out there are sad to see Rahm go. I guess Israel has it’s sghts on Chicago.


ps If I were a country with the oil reserves of Iran I would have had a nuclear deterrent a long time ago.


Who cares how long they’ve been around?  Does that make them right about wiping Israel off the map?  And, you cannot equivocate the rantings and ravings of a lunatic in a members-only jacket (if it was only the straight-jacket model I’d be thrilled) whose hold on power is at the barrel of a gun (well, and the ordainment of a lunatic mullah or two) with the the desires and wishes of the citizens of Iran.  If they were an established democratic regime, I would agree with letting them have the bomb but they are not.  Democracies do not go to war with each other.  Lunatics not only do so, but they depend on it in order t keep a “bigger monkey” on their subjects backs.  As for the US being the only country to have used nuclear weapons, what’s your point?  It was in self defense, or did you forget the Japanese attacked the US first?  Did you also forget that estimates for invading Japan surmounted 1,000,000 US troops and who knows who many Japanese?  Quite frankly, we probably did them a favor as much as we did ourselves one.