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Re: The Hubris Of Empire

  • Sun, Oct 31, 2010 - 12:45pm

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    Re: The Hubris Of Empire



No offence, but the line that I’ve darkened above is a phrase that has been force fed into the minds of the people of the United States since it was misquoted and run with over four years ago now. It was formed by the usual multi-media culprits. Whenever I see this misquote, I do my best to educate how it came about. This video below is correct in every way : –


You have got to be kidding.  That wasn’t much of a misquote if at all.  What he said after the famous line may make it sound as if all he wants is democracy, but that’s pretty hard to believe given all his other rants, and his denial of the holocaust.  Or is that a misquote too?  Look, I have no illusions about the US’s past motives for war or its policy in the middle east, but as bad as any of that may have been, it would pale in comparison to what the Ahmadinijads of the world would do with it if they held it in their hands.