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Re: The Hubris Of Empire

  • Mon, Nov 01, 2010 - 08:10pm

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    Re: The Hubris Of Empire



You know nothing about me or my life so do not for one moment think you have me figured out. You seem to take an interest in my posts so I suggest you reread numbers 8, 36,73,107 and 108. I have on this thread stated my position. I have commented on the misquote of Ahmedinajad. I actually in great detail on another thread explained it  It escapes me now but I am sure you can find it if you are confident you know all there is to know about me.

For the record I assume educated people understand that a country is a political entitiy. I could say I for one hope that China is wiped off the face of the Earth. This in no way implies I wish all Chinese to disappear. I clarified it for those who missed the distinction. I would say exactly the same thing for the US for every regime since Andrew Jackson. Certainly every regime since Woodrow Wilson except perhaps Kennedy.

I have on this thread pointed to books and ideas in the obviously unrealistic hope that some would do some investigation of their own before posting here. Instead what I get is insults and incorrect history of the US and Japan. The inability is for critical thought is really disapppointing. The misinformation is even more so.

When I travel overseas I wear a maple leaf shirt for safety and better treatment. It works. This in itself should tell you something. Or maybe not since projection is such a subtle , seductive and comforting way to look at the world.



You make my point for me.  Since you are so informed about the more accurate translation, why would you choose that exact phrase used by the MSM?  I’m well aware of your position and (perhaps to your surprise) agree that the MSM’s use of that specific mistranslation is intentional so as to stoke public sentiment against Iran, and it works very well because it’s such a loaded phrase.  But seeing as you’re so informed of the issue, if ANYONE is aware of the common interpretation and loaded nature of the mistranslated phrase, it is YOU.  And yet you use it to provoke a response just like the MSM does, even making a point of distinguishing your statement from Ahmedinajad’s actual translation.  How then can you expect us to assume this was anything but intentional, hmm?  So the clarification nonsense doesn’t fly… that was just you backtracking to cover yourself because you knew you were stepping over the line.  And to no big surprise, you evade the accusation and try to make into an argument about your “position” (funny that whenever someone’s called out on their BS they try to redirect the subject).  This is not about your position, it’s about you provoking people and picking fights.  What’s appropriate is a retraction or apology of that statement, nothing less.

As I said I really do not have the time for this as I have a barn to tear down, a greenhouse to build and my garden demands my attention and if there is any time left I hope to get off a few rounds with my AR 15. It is election day manana in the land of the free

Yes, please do get to your barn, greenhouse, and garden.  All those are examples of doing something positive.  Here you’re simply helping to drag the site down by starting fights.


capesurvivor –

Don’t take the bait.  It is just what he wants and expects and brings the thread closer to banishment to the CT dungeon. 


– Nickbert