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  • Mon, Nov 01, 2010 - 04:02am

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    Re: The Hubris Of Empire



PS I for one would love to see Israel wiped off the map. “

Nice.. an avowed anti-Semite, no longer masquerading as the politically acceptable “anti-Zionist.”

I have confidence that the boys and girls of the IDF will be around longer than those of your ilk.


I am flagging this post.

It is ignorant and demaning as I happen to be Jewish. Israel is a VERY BAD idea hatched by  Cecil Rhodes and the Roundtable group. The ignorance on this issue on this site is appalling. I am a god damned American. The continued support of Israel has put my country in the unenviable position of supporting a regime with military aid that is hell bent on persecuting the Palestinian people. I retract nothing. I will amend my statement though. I long for the day when the REGIME iN ISRAEL DISAPPEARS FROM THE PAGES OF HISTORY. This is as close an approximation as you can get of the quote of Ahmedinajad.

Farsi is  a very dense language which definitely does not lend itself to translation into English. You are a fool if you rely on the MSM to do it for you. I have a great many Irani friends, they are incredible people. Iran is an ancient country with a rich history. They had an advanced civilization when Europeans  were living in caves and wearing animal skins. It is home to the world’s oldest religion.

Do your homework before anyone here dares stand in judgement of me. 

Study Iran Contra. Look at a picture of Rummy shaking hands with Saddam ( who happened to write a book with the catchy title of ” Three things God never should have created, Jews, Flies and Persians”. Someone here care to tell me when Iran invaded another country? Anyone care to opine on the US supplying Iraq with weapons of mass destruction to use on Iran ( poison gas used by Iraq on Iran and the Kurds)?

 I happen to be married to a Jewish woman who feels the same way as I do.

This country’ foreign policy has been co-opted by AIPAC and in the process has alienated milliopns of people around the world and has resulted in blowback for this country and it’s citizens that travel around the world.

I will tell you what reflects badly on this site is the ignorance and projection that is evident in this thread and the Beck thread.

For the benefit of those who don’t know. “It’s the oil s$#$#%d” It has always been about the oil. Iraq ended up in the Axis  of evil when Saddam started taking Euros for his oil. Iran ended up there because they wanted to start an Oil Bourse. Anyone care to guess who that put them in direct competition with? Anyone care to guess who owns those entities?

Anyone care to guess who said ‘Competition is sin” ??????? 

Hint ……… it was an Oil Baron.

I will ask you not to insult me, my character or my intelligence. I really don’t have the time to respond to someone else’s  projections.


PS The greatest poet who ever lived was Hafiz a Persian Perfect Master. Of course it is a matter of opinion.