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  • Mon, Jan 11, 2010 - 06:57pm

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    Re: The Homesteading and Self-Sufficiency Thread

 Hello all ,

    Just wondering how life on the homesteads are going .   This has been an unusually cold snowy( blizzards even ) winter here in the Midwest  . A lot of time has been spent making sure the animals have enough food and thawing water . We  have had some sad learning experiences with the greenhouse freezing up but not lost many animals .  We are finding that the amounts of produce we put up last season is holding out well , as well as grain and hay storage .  But we will need to go out soon and  work on the wood supply .   Oh Boy we are still so dependant on gas and electricity .

  During the worst of the weather I was totally grateful to have storage because there was no way into town for almost a week at a time , in fact the trucks were not doing well to supply the towns .    I was also thankful  that we had no emergency situations because even a helicopter would not be flying in and horses could not have gotten us out . We  have not been  without electricity nor Internet  but I can tell you the amount of people getting cabin fever was amazing !

  Spending  huge amount of time taking care of elderly friends and neighbors.. not looking forward to when it is my time to be cared for , but thankful for my loving children who I will count on.    Finding out that hospital and end of life nursing home careand funeral expenses will cost people their whole life savings . I always knew you can’t take it with you but  having it consumed by eldercare is sad.

  Anyway I was just wondering  how you are and if you are finding things  that you plan on changing for next winter .


 Ps. So looking forward to some slow down time to look at the seed catalogs for spring garden .