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  • Thu, Jun 25, 2009 - 02:05am

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    Re: The Greatest Depression Community Diary

Great idea, Jag.

In my island community of 2,000 permanent residents, (used to swell to 6,000 during the summer months), I’ve noticed a lot of very expensive vacation homes are on the market and not selling unless they have radical price reductions. They’re down 30% in price from last summer. The market is strong for houses around 200,000. and it seems many people who can manage it, are considering moving here,to raise their kids, and to get away from high crime, high price areas, like nearby Vancouver, B.C. The War on Tourism, has been very effective and we have zero American tourists visiting this Gulf island, now, so the population isn’t varying as much between the on and off seasons.

Construction here is grinding to a halt. Restaurants are closing. People in service industries are busting themselves to please customers. Gone is the "whatever"  attitude, the worker’s paradise. I’ve got to say, it would be nice if there was a happy medium, if there were more jobs, but decent service is a benefit. I wonder if this happened in the Great Depression too. Bet it did.