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  • Fri, Feb 20, 2009 - 09:37pm

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    Re: The End of the World as Advertised


I think you’re probably right about J, and obviously his comments were way over the top (gone now!), but I do think it’s fair to say, Mike often aims to be provocative. (And he succeeds!) But as I see it, that’s nothing but a good thing. Are we here to preach to the choir and have our ideas rubber stamped, or are we here for a discussion, where once in a while, we might even learn something? And while I don’t always agree with him, I’ve already learned a lot from Mike’s huge contribution.

That said, and while I’m not faulting Mike, I think a lot of these posts, including this one from Kunstler, seem to belie a liberal bias that I think is unfortunate. In my view, independent and thoughtful liberals seem to have a much harder time than libertarians in breaking from the traditional left/ right partisan con job hyped by the media. (If nothing else, Dubya has at least been useful in that regard!) I know you know what I’m talking about, because I read your excellent post #49 on Chris M’s thread, yesterday.

I find Kunstler’s high opinion and seemingly misplaced confidence in Obama to be difficult to reconcile. I addressed that here, in post #31.

Here’s another piece, Mike put up recently, by Michael Parenti, that got a few people lathered.’s-self-inflicted-apocalypse/13061

It’s a well written article and Parenti has a lot to say, but the article is just littered with references to "conservative forces" "right wing" and "Republican" exclusively. My view, which you obviously seem to share, is that Democrats and Republicans are really just good cop/bad cop. Parenti still seems to buy into the model of good guys and bad guys, with Republicans and conservatives as the only bad guys. I think this is very unhelpful. It only helps to foster the division among the people, you so decry. And I think, if to a lesser degree, at least here, Kunstler shows the same flaw, diminishing his otherwise powerful message