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  • Tue, Apr 20, 2010 - 11:39pm

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    Re: The Emerging Global Empire (next lesson in the …

How do we all seeing it play out?  Is the US being taken to the woodshed or is it to be the “garden of eden” to repopulate the world?  Where do the elite plan on hunkering down during this crisis?  What’s the timeframe that’s obviously somewhere to be found (being as they alway show their cards in some way or another)?  Anything and everything would be appreciated to help me and mine do our best to survive?!?



LogansRun wrote:

Anyone and everyone,

How do you see Peak Oil playing into this whole game? I mean, wealth consolidation is obviously taking place and the “owners” are getting more powerful by the day, but economies cannot continue to grow without excess energy. What’s their endgame with the PO situation?

WW3 is coming and that will help the international banking cartel reduce the population of the planet.  Many of those remaining will have shortened lives and reproduction rates will drop as mankind’s DNA is poisoned by nuclear material.