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Re: The definitive U.S. Dollar Rally Thread

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  • Fri, May 14, 2010 - 08:25pm

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    Re: The definitive U.S. Dollar Rally Thread

Lauging …..hysterical ending posts to this thread (or is it the end?!?!?!_.  Jag, nice work – thats about how it works right? 

Davos, classic photo of a Zimbabwe (I think) receipt..  They have so much in common with us.  I suppose I am to ignore all my facts and do some research Zimbabwe to see what might happen to us.  I mean, we are also a resource poor, tiny military, non reserve currency, gridlocked in civil unrest for decades, poor infrastructure, no access to oceans, poor rail system, surrounded by poor and unstable countries, almost total household poverty, close to zero education.  Yes, I know, black is white and white is black and I am supposed to look at what happened with their currency and think, oh my, what a similar situation, we are on the exact same path! 

Or perhaps we revisit Weimar (since you posted that in this thread and had no reaction to my previous comments on it), the country that just lost a war and had formed a new country, and when they were trying to pay back war debts and stabilize were invaded by France which took over their most valuable valley – and therefore moved them past the tipping point, while at the same time had several heads of state assasinated.  What else can we compare to the US.  How about the Roman Empire…..ahhhh yes.  They had inflation for 100’s of years, and debased and debased and debased.  At times the debasement was quite rapid…however no collapse.  It was not a several year event that brought them down, rather a long long road.  Why so long you may ask?  Hmmm, economicly biggest country in the history of man, strongest miliary, best infrastructure, access to ports and best roads, best educated population up to that point in history.  

Ok….so you go ahead and cherry pick zimbabwe, weimar, and I will take the timeline of the Roman Empire.  However, I am sure you have some facts that Roman History books have been written by the Rockefellers or Rothchilds and is inaccurate or skewed.  Facts are facts.  Information can be skewed and thats to be expected – its human nature.  But, you cant end this dialoge with “Facts to me are NOT baked GDP” when you still have not admitted to skewing liabilities by 10’s of Trillions in this conversation.  End the madness.  Stop baking numbers.  Stop misleading people with your misinformation thats every bit as evil as the way the Fed and our government analyzes and releases financial data.

Man…this is driving me nuts.  I have no idea why I keep responding….but I just feel an obligation to anyone reading to have the truth rather than Durdenomics told.

Again, let me say I dont think we are out of the woods, we are in big trouble, there will be massive changes, there will be financial shocks.  I am simply analyzing timelines, probabilities, and searching for FACTS.