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  • Thu, May 13, 2010 - 07:40pm

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    Re: The definitive U.S. Dollar Rally Thread

Wow, who’da thunk that I’d be the bear on summer metals? 

I’m cautious as hell right now guys. If there’s one thing that I have learned the past three years, it’s that the unexpected should be expected. There’s gold fever right now, and all gloom and doom over the impending death of the euro. 

I’m not buying it. True, I think the Euro is dead, but not yet… not yet. 

I’m waiting to see what happens once the smoke (and panic, and fear) clear from the ECB bailout. Remember, all of this is happening a mere month and a half before the rather predictable summer doldrums. If this recent elation for gold and silver winds up cooling off just before the summer season, then.. is it possible that we could be looking at a local high for the metals? or a rather sharp retracement to come? 

In 2008 we all thought that we’d be eating beans out of a can by now. But none of us saw the unexpected. Never underestimate the establishment’s ability to kick the can. Something doesn’t seem right about this. We’re assuming that this won’t stabilize.