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  • Thu, May 13, 2010 - 02:48pm

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    Re: The definitive U.S. Dollar Rally Thread

I am not selling my PM….& I am doing ok with the Gold miners at the moment. They should do ok with oil moving down & gold moving up. Also I went into some of the Canadian Oil trusts. I own some PWE & they are up sharply today. China seems to want to become more involved there. At least I have recieved a nice monthly dividend.

Penn West Energy Trust and China Investment Corporation Announce Strategic Partnership

What’s in Store Next for Canadian Energy Trusts?

High yields and monthly distributions have combined to make Canadian energy trusts a particularly attractive option for income-oriented investors.

However, it’s a sector that has been on a rollercoaster ride in recent years. The trusts were riding high until what has come to be known as the “Halloween Surprise” of October 31st, 2006. That’s when the Canadian government announced that it would begin to tax the trusts starting in 2011.

After oscillating back and forth in a fairly tight range throughout 2007, many of the trusts staged nice rallies in 2008 as energy prices climbed to record levels. The wheels then fell off the bus and all the trusts nosedived as energy prices plunged in the fourth quarter on 2008.

In publishing its Nine High-Yield Stocks for 2009 special report in November 2008, saw an opportunity in the sector, adding two trusts to its picks: Baytex Energy Trust (NYSE: BTENews) and Penn West Energy Trust (NYSE: PWENews). They would return 114% and 53%, respectively, over the next year.

PS I like the Davos “TSHTF” Indicator as it keeps my bullishness in check LOL.