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  • Fri, Jul 10, 2009 - 07:26am

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    Re: The Definitive Tactics Thread – Three Days in Mumbai

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Re: Mumbai scenario

My only applicable training is hand-to-hand martial arts and my skill and experience in that is rather modest, so my lack of knowledge or experience in something of this scope made me initially hesitant to chime in.  But ok here goes…

I travel often both in-state and out-of-state, and only rarely internationally. The only items I typically travel with that would be of any use in such a situation are my cellphone, a folding knife, and a small first aid kit.  It’s only recently that I’ve had more than a passing interest in concealed carry, and Denver’s attitude towards such is very negative… now that I’m in Alaska though I do plan to go through the course and possibly get the permit (you don’t need it in Alaska but it helps for carrying in other states).  As for treating the injured I am trained in basic first aid and CPR, and would treat the wounded IF it posed no danger to myself.  I carry first aid kits on my person only when camping or hiking so that probably wouldn’t be the case here, but first aid kits shouldn’t be too hard to find in a business district (at least in the US where most businesses are required to have them in break rooms or the like) and failing that some things can be improvised.  But treating the wounded would be a low priority…. my first priority would be escape for me and my family.  I would help evacuate the wounded if it didn’t put us at excessive risk, and wait on treating them only after escaping the area.

I guess my priorities would be very similar to those given by Gungnir… the ultimate emphasis is on escape for me and mine, and engagement is not an option unless it helps accomplish that end.  Try to see everything in terms of "how does this help me escape?" I suppose.  If engagement was inevitable I have no doubt that I’d fight with everything I had, but confrontation would not be something I’d seek out.  It gets a little murkier though as I ponder the value I place on others’ lives (excluding the assailants of course) and weigh that against the value I place on my own life.  I’m prepared to put my own life at risk if it meant increasing survival odds for my family, but as for strangers, well, I really don’t know.  If I saw a good opportunity (the gunman was alone and had his attention elsewhere for example) where someone was in imminent danger and if I didn’t have my family’s welfare to worry about…. then perhaps.  I have a strong instinct for self-preservation, but I also have a strong instinct to protect others so I don’t really know how that’d play out.  The best I can say is that I trust myself at the minimum to be able to make a good assessment of the situation and odds and to not grossly overestimate my abilities, whether or not I possess a weapon.  I think the most useful thing I’ve got out of practicing martial arts was developing situational awareness and learning to quickly assess dangerous situations, and that’s probably the biggest thing I’d have going for me in such a nightmare scenario, not how hard I can strike or how well I can shoot.

Regarding where I am right now…. within two paces I have a laptop, lamp, a glass of water, a nightstand, and a beer bottle.  Most of which I could make good use of if someone came storming into the house.  BTW you may find it amusing to know that I’d just got up and lifted my nightstand just to confirm for myself how easy it is to lift above waist level (how does that Styx song go? "Too much… time on my hands…").  What would I change or do different?  Well perhaps I should keep nearby something a little more suited for a weapon.  Where I am at right now doesn’t allow for me to keep a loaded gun on my person, but at the same time in the immediate area there are other security measures and an environment that makes most crime and home invasions less likely.  But in lieu of a loaded firearm and until I can think of something better, I am moving my survival knife out of the closet and into the nightstand.

– Nickbert