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  • Fri, Jun 12, 2009 - 05:21pm

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    Re: The Definitive Tactics Thread

Steve, in the instance of your loaded billy club (I have one too BTW), there is a miniscule difference between knockout and lethal forces. I wouldn’t recommend hitting anyone on the head with that sucker unless you don’t really care if you kill them. The "safest" place to hit someone in the head with this weapon would probably be the jaw… you’re going to break the jaw (or at least dislocate it) but you might luck out and get a concussive knock out in the process. It does, however, make a particularly lovely weapon against joints and long bones. I easily broke a cow femur (one of my roommates was a butcher, the poor critter wasn’t alive when I tested this) which is larger and stronger than a human femur. Police use unloaded nightsticks all the time for riot control, and we hear stories of broken bones and dislocated joints all the time. A strike to the wrist/forearm would disarm an opponent in most instances, even if it didn’t break the radius or ulna.

Good to see you identifying weapons and trying to figure out the best way to use them 🙂