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  • Wed, Jun 10, 2009 - 01:48am

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    Re: The Definitive Tactics Thread

 Great thread, one and all, h/t to Aaron for getting it rolling!  I’m a bit late to the thread, but I’ll just say the only skill I have in relation to this discussion is good situational awareness.  Developed it during some dangerous living in my college years, followed by a year backpacking in SE Asia (mostly no worries but me’n’my mates had a taste for getting away from the Tourist Crap World and that meant out past the ‘safe shiny’ places in China, Thailand [Golden Triangle] and Indonesia [Sumatra esp.]) and then I lived in a few rather dicey NYC neighborhoods (about 4 years total).

The only vid I have anything to offer on is the pizza parlor.  I would’ve been invisible by the time Big Guy got involved…as in out the door.  When somebody is making a public menace of themselves and is obviously jacked up (Big Bertha) and accompanied by a lumbering hulk of a boyfriend, there’s no upside to sticking around.  There are other pizza parlors.  Cellphone Guy probably made some snide remark under his breath and drew Bertha’s attention.  First mistake.  Why do people think that they have some right to make smartass remarks because somebody’s acting out?  Have they watched too many movies?  Good grief.  

Thanks again for the thread, all youse who’re contributing Knowledge to a clueless cat like me.

Viva — Sager