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Re: The Definitive Conspiracy Theorist, New World Order, …

  • Sun, Apr 12, 2009 - 10:22pm

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    Re: The Definitive Conspiracy Theorist, New World Order, …

Not to shoot anyones "THEORIES" down, but none, or very little of this is supported by fact.

Six years of watching "Loose Change" over and over doesn’t constitute objective fact finding. Nor does much of the info Alex Jones speculates about. Not saying he is wrong on all fronts, but let him try and put a case forth through the judicial system and see if he has enough evidence. Not evidence entirely based on speculation, circumstance and heresay.

I obviously do not know what really happened on 9/11. But I can also venture to say that no one here does either, despite what articles they may have read. Since I am myself an engineer, and personally watching the fall of the towers on TV around 10am that morning. Nothing that I saw shows evidence of a bomb. It is simple physics the way the building fell. And it wouldn’t have taken a bomb to produce the result that we all whitnessed. A fully fueled 747 could produce the same result. Especially when it hits in the middle of the tower, and burns away the support systems. Kind of like Jenga, you pull all the blocks from the one spot in the middle, it falls.

On the Thermite argument, I heard someone else post this, not sure if here or not. Thermite is Iron Oxide (rust) and Aluminum. The towers supports are made from steel and the plane is aluminum. Steel rusts, and an 747 moving at 530 mph impacting the steel supports, would be enough to combine the aluminum and steel, thus creating traces of thermite (ie. – rust and aluminum) . Traces of thermite could probably be found in certain spots on your automobile, only because of the combination of dissimilar metals in those areas.

A fully loaded 747 at full speed, impacting an immovable object, would exert 164.5 BILLION, yes, with a B, foot pounds of force at the impact site. If you are lucky your automotive engine produces 300 ft/lbs of force. Your 300 lb oversize rump sitting on your computer chair would exert the same force as your car engine. Hope you have a good chair. My estimates are rough, based on the weight and speed of a 747. I am sure the forces were a little different, but not by much. I personally do not know anything designed to withstand this amount of force, except maybe Norad and other secret bunkers.

One gallon of jet fuel (kerosene, naptha) provides enough heat when burning to heat a 2500 square foot home. A fully loaded 747 carries 57,000 gallons of fuel. There is roughly 4,400,000 square feet of usable space in each tower. 57,000 gallons of fuel is enough to heat 142,500,000 square feet of space. Many times over the volume of both towers combined. For reference, it would take the energy of 41 gallons of jet fuel burning to melt 1 ton of steel into liquid form.

All these theories are wildly intersting, but nothing backed by fact. If I had to choose one that was the most suspicious, I would have gone for the Pentagon crash. Their is more evidence supporting that one as "created" than the others.

The biggest travisty to me, is the people that have lost loved ones in this calamity, and have to endure BS from these children.

 My 0.5 on the subject.