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    Re: The Definitive Conspiracy Theorist, New World Order, …

Mathematical proof of a supreme being: God.

Three men came to stay at a hotel, and when they went to the desk to check in, they decided to share a room to save money. The manager assigned them a room and charged them $30.00 altogether. Each paid $10.00 for his share, and then they all were shown up to their room by the bellboy.

A short while later, the manager discovered that she had overcharged the three men for the room she had assigned them; it was actually only $25.00. She took $5.00 out of the till and instructed the bellboy to go up to their room and return the money to them.

The bellboy saw here an opportunity to make a little extra tip. He rationalized that $5.00 was difficult to split three ways, and decided to take up $3.00 to the men, giving each of them $1.00 return, and pocket the other $2.00 for himself.

So the men each put in $10 and got $1 back. So that’s 9 times 3, which is 27, plus the $2 the bellboy took makes $29. Where is the other $1?

I submit God kept it.