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Re: The Definitive Conspiracy Theorist, New World Order, …

  • Mon, Apr 13, 2009 - 04:09pm

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    Re: The Definitive Conspiracy Theorist, New World Order, …

 Here’s my two cents worth:

Ted Gunderson

This man retired from the FBI in 1977 as Special Agent in Charge of all but two counties in California at the end of a 27 year career.  After retiring he started his own private investigation firm working on some very high profile cases.  He came to the conclusion that there is a high level conspiracy in our government that is involved in satanic cults.  What he talks about dovetails nicely with other CT research, it’s like another piece of the puzzle.  It would be easy to dismiss him as a nut except for the fact that he was such a high ranking law official.  There might be something to his thousands of hours of work and hundreds of file boxes full of interview transcripts, pictures, and notes on his lengthy investigations.  One of the quotes of his that has stuck with me is,"I used to think there was a loose knit satanic cult in the high levels of government.  In the last few years I’ve become convinced that it is a tight knit group".  There are several good videos of his lectures on Youtube and Google Video.  Here is one of his many lectures, lengthy but informative:


If this is too long for your attention span or you simply don’t want to listen to something this lengthy, there are lots of other materials available on his work.  I want to add that Mr. Gunderson had some legal problems later in his private investigation career.  I do not believe this in any way undermines his earlier works. 

Watch and decide for yourself.